A shooting star.

Lonely nights, you still look for me,In the dark sky, where I used to be

Amongst shiny stars, I stayed along the moon, that you still stare at till it disappears,

In tears, when you find no one but the marks of my dead existence in the grey sky 

That you still look up at and pray to never catch a shooting star again 

that once loved you to death, that stayed up all night long to listen to your poetries and I was all down with them

Sparks flew when we bumped into each other and our explosion that illuminated the whole universe with its burning shades

Shattered my faith when I got separated from you as I lost all of me just to let you be as happy as you deserve to be 

’cause I was a temporary fixer and I was not meant to be last forever like our memories 

that always remain the same in the same dark blue sky where you and I first met. 

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