Two skeletons in one body.

Now that I scent like you, feels like you live inside me,

Now that I sound like you, seems like I speak your words,

Spin me upside down for making you die of an ache, 

that I gift me every night,

Need your pieces just next to mine,

So they could connect and vibe with each other 

Another dream, another tale

Met you in between

and you owned me every beat of your heart, 

Which mine now beats so slow and so fast 

and counts every second as they call out my name with a pain yet underneath my skin, 

you write our memories, you write our promises  

That turned out merely fresh wounds, 

that I cannot heal, that I cannot bear

A beautiful skeleton in a skeleton,

Thus now that I look like you, feels like I wear you 24/7 

Now that I walk like you, seems like you finally have had control over my bones,

that are now connected to yours.


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