My people. 

Unstoppable tears, those eyes still smile

shattered hearts, still beat and love

Wrecked souls, still look for peace 

wounded skins, still seem so perfect 

Tired bodies still being optimistic 

that someday, their future might be better, 

that someday, their children might see a peaceful sunshine, 

That someday, they might be no longer to feel their numbness, lifelessness, unhappiness and worthlessness 

That someday, they might stop being tortured, beaten and choked,

that someday, they might be healed, 

that someday, they might forget how unfairly life treated them, 

that someday, they might be able to breathe but freely, 

that someday, they might roam around with no concern, with no fear,

 that someday, they might stop pulling the trigger of a shotgun when there’s no one left to ruin them, 

that someday, their purpose of life might worth this fight.

That someday, the wold might know what they have gone through every day, 

That someday, their children might not witness another war like they did at a young age.

That someday, their sacrifices might colour their future with beautiful shades,

O’ my people, don’t worry 

There’s always a light in the darkness, 

There’s always a hope that wins,

There’s always a helping hand that lifts you up when you feel low and down,

There’s a warrior within you, that fights back but harder than ever,

There’s a part of you that always has faith in the one and only Allah swt.

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