I heard you right through my room’s wall,

I heard some steps coming closer and closer,

O darling, 

I could clearly feel your heart beats,

When you touched your wall, that connected to mine


We kept dancing to the same song that we sang along till we lost the beat, till we lost the plot,

Puddings on the table, sweet talks through the wall,

Half bottles of wine, hanging on the door,

Empty hands yet bodies filled with emotions,

Imaginations came true as if we were some kind of magicians,

Getting drunk with memories, burning walls of separation 

Let our demons fly high when dreams drove us home,

As I knocked at your door, your soul let me in

And we turned such neighbours, known as such fight fighters

Set hearts free and their version stayed the same,

Nothing changed,

but the time healed and the neighbours who turned lost lovers forever.

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