The elements.

I was an air 
There you were a burning fire,
We were like two insane elements!

Verily, I tried to extinguish but ended up falling in love with your flames yet water failed,
Flew to their an edge, got me folding myself into your fiery waves until every part of me turned every part of you,

Under pressure, caused me some real pleasure
Beyond my expectations, you owned me this reputation of being you, merely you,

Halo, halo
You lost your soul’s halo,
My eyes misted over with your grief,


I couldn’t swallow the pain,
Yet I couldn’t stop loving it at the same,

It was utterly a tragedy, I should have been greedy for your melody, that serenity,

Surrendered my heart to your bravery                   
Got me stuck in the brutal morning light,              that you had in your sparking eyes                         and all I was being an eyeful,

Oh darling, you got me fuelling more to your flames as i burnt me as well,                                       Into an ocean of your crazy blames.

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