Drunk body.

Nasty eyes,

Skin with scars

Covered with tattoos.

Names and blames,

Gutted as always but how was she treated.

Holding a cigarette between chapped lips,

Blowing its smoke incessantly

With relish, losing self so slowly.

In a black car, driving back into a town
Where she sold her heart to save her lover’s,

Beckoning, beckoning to someone strange,

Used to be somebody as close as secrets

To a heart, which loved and sacrificed itself.

For a lover, it became a stone to break her walls

But in the end, it turned into a flame,

Burnt it all at once as she watched him,

Dived in with her pieces in his hands.

No goodbye has left to say, 

just memories and their ache, 

getting her drunk everyday.

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