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This is one of the best arts of @kayehaan on IG.

I lived my dreams,

When I looked warily into your dark black eyes, 

Their tears told different stories of the same ache.

I tried to numb the pain but I got drunk instead,

I brought the worst out of me 

to let you make something beautiful out of it,

This picture is painted with your blood, fixed by my veins,

Who knows,

Who still cries under their blanket.

Suffocating me to pretend like a heartless,

But this heart, every beat of it still calls out the same name

Lord knows where I am yet I know, 

I still feel like I’m home 

Even though, you’re somewhere unknown 

but your existence is still around like always,

So far yet too close, together with each other’s souls

Watched you clenching your teeth whilst letting me go,

I know, 

It must hurt you when I saw you hiding it with laughs


I must say, I was driven by you, 

Set forth to see what life holds and I hope someday, 

you cross my road like you did before,

I shall be waiting at my door, 

Counting your steps in my imagination,

So darling don’t be too late at all

I might breathe my last before you reach my home.  


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