Not a hunter anymore.

Artwork: @kayehaan on IG

Your twisted words,

Smoothy slipped off of your mouth,

Your pale face, I wanted to paint 

With the sunrise, you found in my eyes

Red lights, empty streets 

Grey sky, I am coming to you to please

Stay with me, now I fear these chaos

In my mind, they still play your role

Stop stringing me along, I can’t bear it anymore

Blame my behaviour but I still love your heart

I’m trip-tripping in the lost state of my mind,

Need you to heal these scars, you left on my arms

Sweet, must be the taste was, of my pain 

That you always came and gave another to blame

My soul, for it always let you in 

All these years, I always prayed for you to change

But every season, you stayed the same 

and I could not scream at your cruel self, 

Tragic that I injected you in my veins twice,

My skin now burns, it hurts like hell 

but my body still loves the pain,

Come again and explore this dark place, 

I’m no longer me,

 I can’t haunt you anymore. -Rks

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