O My Motherland.

So far yet so close,like secrets to the heart

I am from my motherland,

a land of lions, a land of braves.
O! The Holy Sky,

order your clouds to wash away the pain of my people, 

wash off the walls, such cowards painted with innocents’ blood, 
O! The Holy Sun,

shower your light upon my people in the darkest days,
O! The Holy Moon,

spread your cold shadow over them when the earth feels like a flame,

for they always have gone through such storms,

took away their beloved ones, destroyed their homes,

traversed the hardships but never gave up on their strength,
The path of freedom, 

they have never stopped fighting for, 
O My Motherland,

I’m so far yet you are so close to my heart,

you have always survived many ups and downs,

you built us as strong as your mountains,

that we now don’t fear death nor war,
O My Motherland,

blessings be upon you for your blessed name,

that your brave sons sacrificed themselves for,

to defeat two grand wars to maintain your honour, pride and dignity,
O My Motherland,

we are independent yet still seek abode of peace, 

but one fine day, we shall achieve 

what we always have dreamt of,

of a morning, 

when the birds will sing,

a song of happiness, spread their wings, soar above the clouds, reach each door, leave a good news behind, 

of a peaceful sunshine,
O My Motherland,

May your flowers bloom, 

for those who had gone, for those who are yet to be born, 

and their fragrance, 

May reach abode of us,
Abode of Pashtuns and pakhtuns,

Abode of Hazaras and Uzbeks,

Abode of Tajiks and Turkmens,

Abode of Baloch and Gujjars,

Abode of Arabs and Pamiris,

Abode of Nuristanis and Brahuis,

Abode of Qizilbash and pashais and Aimaks,

and we shall wear it as a broad smile.
O My Motherland,

with the grace of Almighty, through our strong faith, you will last forever,
As a land of braves, as a land of lions

that’s a history to be remained the same 

and I long for an endless love amongst my people,


O My Motherland,

I’m far away from you,

take me back, wrap me in your warm arms,

before I turn into dust in someone else’s soil.

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